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One Goal at a Time
Lesein Mutunkei is passionate about playing football. So when he read about the issues of deforestation and air pollution in his home country of Kenya, he decided to use his passion to do something about it: he started Trees4Goals. He decided that for every goal he scored, he would plant a tree. “No matter how big the problem is, I just needed to make a difference,” he says. Soon, people began to notice his activism. His football team joined in the effort, and now Lesein is branching out internationally — he has started a cooperative relationship with a high school in South Africa. He also traveled to the Climate Youth Summit, and was even invited to plant a tree together with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. But Lesein has even bigger plans: he wants FIFA to adopt his strategy. “There’d really be a big number of people that would be talking about it, and I think it will be amazing,” he says.