Sustainable Workforce Development Network

Building Sustainable Career Pathways

BETA Sites & Initiatives: 2020-2021

Fall 2020: Beta Test Massachusetts High School: Beta-test this hybrid – project-based learning model before further scaling. The Institute’s team includes a recent graduate, the Dean of Academic Affairs, as well as local Blue-Green companies, with the Institute’s sustainability, tech and social media teams. 

Each week 10-week extensive Sustainability Course CCA students will experience:

  • Fascinating Virtual Sustainable Tours to show the beauty and fragility of our planet and ways to rebuild it;
  • Learn from youth leaders in Stone Soup for the Sustainable World: Life-Changing Stories of Young Everyday Heroes;
  • Expand their horizons about career pathways within the Sustainable Economy from local business leaders;
  • Discover solutions-oriented and action-based Sustainability Innovations around the world;
  • Explore the Institute’s SustainWDN™ to develop their Sustainable Career Pathway;
  • Use The Institute’s TouchStone Leaders Learning Tools™ to develop action plans;
  • Sustainability Projects: produce videos and use social media to support our global youth leaders;
  • Learn how to troubleshoot challenges; make engaging presentations and develop strategies to engage others.