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Vincent Kimura

Vincent Kimura is a “serial entrepreneur” in sustainable agriculture and technology. He strives to center the agricultural conversation as being sustainability-focused, but economically driven. Vincent is the CEO of Smart Yields, a globally recognized agricultural technology company that is revolutionizing the way small and medium-scale farms operate. He is involved in various green enterprises, including AgriGro and Inovi Green. A main focus of his work is on supporting struggling farmers around the world, and repairing food systems using technology, data, and collaboration between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Vincent is a trusted and inspiring mentor for young people who are seeking to find work and launch sustainable businesses. He runs numerous internship programs, and is a mentor for the Purple Prize, which helps mission-driven companies that use technology to amplify community and regenerate ecosystems. He was also a sponsor of Hawaii’s first Agricultural Hackathon in 2018.