Sustainable Workforce Development Network

Building Sustainable Career Pathways

surveys & data

  • The Stone Soup Model integrates the principals of Design Thinking, Systems Change, and Healthy Communities to build bridges and maximize public-private partnerships among business, government, and educational institutions to train the next generation of multicultural youth to build a sustainable economy.

  • The Institute’s SustainWDN™ Business Survey was uniquely designed and developed to enable our East Coast customized sites to identify local sustainability-oriented jobs and gather data about the range of jobs currently available, as well as projections of those that will be available in the foreseeable future.

  • SustainWDN™ Data Solutions to the Information Gap: This important data can in turn be used to bridge the gap as students make decisions that will lead them into sustainable career pathways. The emerging network will highlight the evolution of sustainability-oriented certificates and the skills required to become contributing members of the sustainable workforce. The data will also be used to guide local community colleges as they develop their own sustainability-oriented certificates and to demonstrate the ways in which California is transitioning to a sustainable economy, as well as how much more support is needed to continue to do so.

  • Regenerative Agriculture/Climate Jobs Database: This data will help connect the Regenerative Ag Certificate students with good paying jobs. It will help guide other community colleges as they develop sustainability-oriented certificates to train their future workforce for the transition to a sustainable economy. It can also be used to display the need for funding local governmental programs and show the kinds of jobs students can get with training, as well as the skills needed and the wages they can expect to earn.