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From Recycling to Resale: Rebag
Kassandra Castillo Cruz

When Kassandra Castillo Cruz was 14 years old, a friend invited her to join a new youth leadership program, the Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative (VYLI). When she was asked, “What is your dream for your life, your island, and your community?” Kassandra declared that she wanted to become a top model — a dream that due to her persistence and hard work eventually came true. But that wasn’t her main goal: her main goal was to get a good education and then return to her island so she could help others find ways to realize their dreams too. Today she is head of operations for Rebag Infinity, a $50 million worldwide resale retailer that gives consumers the chance to buy and sell back their luxury handbags, giving them a much longer life, and keeping them out of the trash.

Check out Kassandra’s new company, Kavani Studio, also on Instagram @kavani_studio