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Eco-Feminism for Climate Action
Adenike Oladosu’s journey into the environmental movement began when she witnessed the destruction that climate change was causing in the Lake Chad region in Nigeria. Climate change is leading to conflict, and conflict is making the effects of climate change worse. When conflict arises, there is more food insecurity, which affects the economy at large. The conflict was so bad that it took Adenike an extra year to finish her studies. That was when she knew she needed to act. She joined Fridays for Future, started by Greta Thunberg to demand climate action in communities across the world. Adenike calls her personal brand of activism “Eco-Feminism.” She believes that solutions to climate change must prioritize the safety and wellbeing of women and girls. As Adenike became an international leader in the climate movement, she noticed that there was little focus on or consideration for communities in the Global South. But if international representatives do not recognize the current dangers of climate change in African countries, there will be global repercussions. Adenike’s climate activism focuses on engaging the world’s youth through education, and on increasing the use of renewable energy. Climate change should be the top priority for everyone, everywhere